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"Life is beautiful",is a film about that brief period of Nazi rule in Italy due to which many ordinary Jewish people had to endure enormous hardships.Although it is a film about Nazism,it is quite different from other films of the Nazi film genre like Schindler's list.It is more of a film about comic romance,laughter,optimism and how to keep one's sanity intact when one finds oneself in a difficult close to death kind of situation. This film ran into trouble as many leading filmmakers protested against what they called "making mockery of a serious issue like holocaust".According to Godard it is hard to believe that life could have been beautiful for anyone in a concentration camp.Life is beautiful is divided into 3 parts:carefree life,period of hardships and a harmless game with a kid.Roberto Benigni and his wife excel in all these parts.It is the star kid Giorgio Cantarini who shines in the last part.In a way,it can be said that the film succeeds because of his innocent behavior with which he carries himself through his entire stay with his father.


Life is beautiful impressions

The life is beautiful,as in the title,the warm sunshine,full of wisdom,humor,love that deep love and licked the calf ......These factors can be a great life is take place under war clouds.

Cruel war in the background makes it all so precious.

War is a dark,hero of the Sun,life is good,the attitude is positive,is optimistic,the screen is bright,the plot is comedy.

Accidentally encounters his Princess;

Fake inspection officer of racial ridicule;

Both in his uncle's restaurant;

And "Princess" walking in the rain,and riding a painted "Jewish race" white Princess engaged to flee the scene with the word;

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